'Some opportunities only come once, seize them' The Holstee Manifesto

Guests often tell us Kylesku and this part of the NW is a 'very special place' and we couldn’t agree more. Mike and I had never travelled this far north before we came to view the lodges back in 2015. We were blown away by the views and the opportunity to breathe life back into the place was just too tempting, especially with our background in construction and design.

Nowadays we hear a lot about ‘being more connected with nature’ and having lived in the city all our lives we recognised the benefits of this from the day we moved here. Whether you’re sitting in your lodge taking in the ever-changing view and weather, climbing a hill or meandering along some beach, this place will still your mind and allow you to let go of worries. The sheer volume of space combined with the unspoilt, rugged environment; the colours, the light and clean air will have such an uplifting effect on your mindset, you cannot fail to go home feeling refreshed and nourished.

As we approach our sixth season, we feel very fortunate to have met so many colourful and enthusiastic guests and been welcomed into the local community with gifts of venison, lobster, gin and laughter. We've welcomed families, solo travellers, groups of friends, celebrated artists, actors, film crews, groups of divers, photographers, walkers and wedding parties! There have been times where we have missed our family so much it hurts, but when they visit we climb hills, discover hidden waterfalls, walk along empty beaches and go out on our boat (Wee Joan) looking for seals and otters.

Each Winter we work to improve the lodges, inside and out - there are just the two of us so things take time. Just now we are renovating all the kitchens and they are looking fabulous - we hope you love them! We also have a new reception for arrivals which doubles up as a studio/shop for Cath's knitted textiles as well as some beautiful prints and cards from other designers whose work is inspired by 'the great outdoors'.

We want to share this amazing place with you and we hope you will come with your family, your friends or just yourself. Come and explore, breathe the freshest of air, switch off your phone and enjoy all the wildlife, views, hidden treasures and fabulous food.

See you soon, Cath and Mike and the wandering sheep and stags (our live in neighbours)!

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